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    Best in class imaging products, accessories, and engineering services. Over 25 years in business, patent holders, designers, and manufacturers of CR and DR product solutions.

    Cassettes & Imaging Plates

    Offering a variety of Cassette & Imaging Plates that are compatible with multiple name-brand imaging systems.

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    Panel Protection

    Protect your investment in DR Panels with our dependable, innovative protective products.

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    X-Ray Grids

    Improve the quality of your radiography images with our x-ray grids to produce sharper, clearer images.

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    Mission Statement / About Us

    Our mission is to provide unparalleled products and services that are cost effective and that consistently exceed our customer expectations. We strive to respond to our customer’s needs by providing them with innovative solutions in radiology. It is our goal to be your radiology resource and believe that quality is everyone’s business. There are no exceptions.


    I can tell you the products truly showed an outstanding performance across several attributes in strength, panel integrity, and versatility.

    Byungrae Cho, Medical Imaging Division, R&D Center, Vieworks Co., Ltd.

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    I personally tested your new DRU Lock-n-Secure panel cover and found that it is better constructed, and can withstand a much higher weight load than our current panel cover.

    Joe Panichello, Manager Biomedical Services- Mid Atlantic Region, MobilexUsa

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    Pretty good success rate to have the first customer we show it to buy it. We will be getting another one and possibly two.

    Kevin Zabel, Senior Partner, Z&Z Medical, Inc

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    We have been using your new Flashpad Removable Grid at our facility for several months now. The quality and ruggedness is unquestionably excellent.

    Jim Davis | Aramark | Diagnostic Imaging Engineer | Healthcare Technologies

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