We provide comprehensive design options with 3D model computer software (CAD) and 3D printer


We design and manufacture customized imaging solutions that meet your specific requirements. During the initial free consultation, we will discuss the purpose and use for the new imaging device. We’ll determine appropriate designs based on your requirements. During the design stage, we’ll work hand in hand with you to develop the most cost-effective and innovative solution.



Our onsite Product Development Engineer, Brian Meyer, has over 25 years of mechanical design, manufacturing, and process engineering experience. Committed to quality, he provides a hands-on, proactive approach, which includes designing for manufacturing optimization and process improvements for radiology-related components. In addition, Brian also has advanced experience in clean room technologies as well as developing and improving processes for production assemblies.


Developing your radiology components from concept to production in weeks. Our onsite Stratasys/UPRINT SE Plus 3D printer has the ability to print 3D models using ABS material. Prints can have up to nine different colors created from a CAD model. The 3D printer builds customized prototype parts in hours and produces functioning components ideal for determining form, fit, and function in everything from ergonomics to manufacturing processes. We create flexible rapid prototypes to save time and money while reducing material waste. We can develop your radiology components from concept to production in weeks, not months or years.