About Us

We’re proud to be your chosen radiology resource!


Founded in 1991, RC Imaging is a leading manufacturer of innovative imaging accessories. We partner with top-tier original equipment manufacturers and resellers to deliver an extensive portfolio of radiology equipment to thousands of healthcare entities and practitioners across the globe.

RC Imaging specializes in DR Panel protection, Weight Bearing Devices, Positioning Aids, and Anti-Scatter Grids. We thoroughly inspect each product we offer and service, testing the equipment with modern X-ray equipment, and digital radiography.


Our mission is to provide unparalleled products and services that are cost effective and that consistently exceed our customer expectations. We strive to respond to their needs by using innovative solutions in radiology. Our goal is to be your go-to radiology resource, and we believe that quality is everyone’s business — no exceptions.


Rochester Cassette Repair Center was first established by Harry Bostley, a former technical sales representative who worked at Eastman Kodak Company. Recognizing the need for cassette and ID camera repair, Mr. Bostley established a small family business in his basement. The business, built around customer service and rapid turn-around, quickly increased over time.

When Harry’s son, Eric Bostley, took over the business, he renamed it RC Imaging. Even after the title changed, the business’s prestige remained, and the number of customers kept growing.

RC Imaging now incorporates name brands such as AGFA, Carestream, Fuji, and Konica, to name a few. We are committed to servicing customer demands and delivering on time. The same dedication that made RCI a successful business from the start continues to serve customers globally. Eric has now invested in a bank of state-of-the-art CNC mills to bring manufacturing in house, solidifying a plan to control costs and quality to better serve our customers. The RC Imaging portfolio of best in industry Radiographic Durable Accessory Solutions continues to grow, and now with the coordination of international FPD and DR equipment OEM’s, the prestige of the RC Imaging brand has global attention.