About Us

We’re proud to be your chosen radiology resource!


Founded in 1991, RC Imaging is a leading manufacturer of innovative imaging accessories. We partner with top-tier original equipment manufacturers and resellers to deliver an extensive portfolio of radiology equipment to thousands of healthcare entities and practitioners across the globe.

RC Imaging specializes in DR Panel protection, Weight Bearing Devices, Positioning Aids, and Anti-Scatter Grids. We thoroughly inspect each product we offer and service, testing the equipment with modern X-ray equipment, and digital radiography.


Our mission is to provide unparalleled products and services that are cost effective and that consistently exceed our customer expectations. We strive to respond to their needs by using innovative solutions in radiology. Our goal is to be your go-to radiology resource, and we believe that quality is everyone’s business — no exceptions.


When Covid swept across the world the demand exploded for portable imaging and related accessories to help diagnose and treat patients at triage facilities. This brought many challenges to manufacturing facilities such as managing supply chain issues, reduced work force, additional safety and disinfection protocols. RC Imaging was prepared for and embraced the opportunity. From March to July 2020, RC Imaging designed and produced imaging accessories at more than 120% over its 2019 volume. Our efforts did not go unnoticed as RC Imaging was awarded the “Small Business Covid Innovation” award by the Rochester Business Journal.

In April of 2022, RC Imaging was acquired by Michael Griege and Yuwei Wang of Choice One Medical headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. They saw huge potential in RC Imaging and have had great success in growing Choice One Medical. Their expertise in marketing and sourcing will allow RC Imaging to expand their product portfolio and design new innovative products to be extremely competitive in today’s challenging economy.