I’ve got a story I think you’ll enjoy. If you remember we purchased a DRU from you for our sales rep to use as a demo with customers. The day it arrived she resigned so I saw no need to give it to her for a week. It was sitting in my office this morning when our service tech walked in and asked what it was. I explained it to him and told him to feel free to take it with him today as I knew he was going on a Konica service call. Just before lunch he texted me and said the customer wanted it and did not want him to take it with him when he left so I told him they could buy that one for sure. I guess our idea that we could sell that thing if the customer could get their hands on it was correct. Pretty good success rate to have the first customer we show it to buy it. We will be getting another one and possibly two.

Kevin Zabel
Senior Partner
Z&Z Medical, Inc