Transfer Table Pad with Handles


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Descriptions and features

The Transfer Table Pad is manufactured to transfer patients horizontally from a gurney to the imaging table and provide a comfortable table pad that can be left in place during the imaging procedure. These pads are manufactured with a navy reinforced heavy gauge medical grade Brun-Tuff VCP vinyl that is twice as thick as regular table pads. These pads come with 8 reinforced lifting handles (4 on each side) that have a 2” polypropylene rubber grip for a more comfortable grip. This low friction vinyl is supple and slick enough to allow easy transfer between surfaces. This transfer pad is radiolucent and can remain in the imaging field during imaging. Please keep in mind that the reinforced triple sewn edges will show. Two eyelets are placed on each end to make this pad easy to hang when not in use. Pad cleans easily with 10% bleach solution or any medical grade hospital disinfectant.

  • Low friction—easy to slide between surfaces
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High Tear Strength
  • Waterproof, Stain proof and Flame Retardant
  • Antimicrobial, Mildew Resistant, UV resistant
  • Mesh laminated reinforced vinyl
  • 4 Heavy duty transfer handles on each side
  • Two Sizes: 1.8# polyurethane foam 60 ILD

Additional Information

Size Options

TPAD-2472 24 x 72 x 1, TPAD-3080 30 x 80 x 1

Side Grips

Transfer pads come with 8 Soft rubber grip handles that are conveniently spaced for two health care professionals to be able to stand on one side of the pad to transfer a patient from one surface to another.


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