Lock-N-Secure® (CMSI)

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Using an expensive flat panel detector (FPD) in a portable/mobile environment can be extremely risky. You can easily reduce the burden by protecting your DR detector investment with one of our Lock-N-Secure® FPD protectors. Our Lock-N-Secure® DR panel protectors contain multiple layers to absorb impact and increase weight capacity. Designed for both tethered and wireless FPDs, our Lock-N-Secure® products are strong yet lightweight offering a high degree of protection.

All of our Lock-N-Secure® DR panel protection products have been tested for strength and durability by an accredited independent laboratory which allows RC Imaging to offer you our Lifetime Warranty.


  • Custom utility ports for ALL FPDs
  • Patented positive lock to prevent DR panel pop outs
  • Easy one hand operation
  • Available with a grid or carbon fiber panel for weight distribution
  • Multiple handle orientations available- Long, Short, and Dual
  • All FPD sizes available
  • Three layers of impact protection
  • Patient friendly rounded edges

For improved imaging quality, you may also elect to include an x-ray grid along with this product in your quote.


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