Where in my Farmer’s Almanac does it predict
“Worldwide Chaos with a possibility of regional mayhem”?

There are countless published articles and media pieces on our current global and regional foundering in a medical context as well as political and social conscious deficiencies.

Top 5 Broken Bones Being X-Rayed

Hey all you radiologists, X-ray techs, and medical facility workers, do you realize that you view 7,900,000 fractured bones each year? Of those bones (according to your office’s stats), would you agree with this Top 5 List?

1.    Clavicle
Many sources claim that the clavicle (or collarbone) is the MOST commonly broken bone in the human body.

3 Things Your Patients Should Know When Taking Their X-Rays

You learned these facts about x-rays in radiology school, but your patients probably never heard this fascinating information. What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in radiology may interest them as well! The next time you take a patient’s x-ray you can educate them on a topic you love, and one they probably already wonder about.