For the past 13 months of global pandemic with its colossal challenges we have been delivering our world class durable accessories with focus on quality, delivery, and customer experience. Always have, always will. Damn the prodigious hardships, you are important.

Welcome Liam Bennett to the RC Imaging Team

Mr. Bennett is our newest addition to the team, in 2020, he graduated from the University of Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He has shown a passion for engineering his entire life. In high school he completed an engineering program named “Project Lead the Way” and received an award for the “Most Promising Technology Student”. While completing his degree, Mr. Bennett worked as a mechanical engineering intern at P&R Industries, gaining two years of experience in the manufacturing industry.


After nearly 40 years in the consumer healthcare marketplace primarily in administration process improvement, labor arbitrage, and insurance cost reduction, I decided to stop counting times I passed over the prime meridian at 35,000 feet and concentrate on service to contribute my learned experiences within a small company with like growth focus and drive.

The Abject Adjective

Consider the source, it is always subjective

It is getting harder and harder to translate passion through the written and spoken word these days. In my perpetual mission to convey RELEVANT, AUTHENTIC, TOPICAL, and CURRENT subjects of interest within the confines of direct radiology equipment, process, and general interest, every time I try and stress a subject with accent I find the adjective has been tainted.


You may remember pieces of this from 12 months ago…WAY MORE relevant today.

The only difference between a rut and a grave? The duration you are digging. We live in a dynamic environment; change is the only constant. If a choice to better your professional position by challenging the status quo came to you, searched you out, and all internal fact finding and research verified your assumption that a change would better the company, its customers, the patients, and yourself…..well? We Always Do It That Way is a failing approach.