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Why Choose RC Imaging’s X-Ray Cassettes?

We supply several name brand dental x-ray cassettes in various sizes and materials. We guarantee we have a mode that fits your imaging equipment. Our rigid cassettes contain an easily accessible latches that can be opened and closed even in low-light environments. In addition, they keep the distance between intensifying screen/phosphor storage plate consistent and uniform. The metal backing on these rigid dental cassettes decreases the amount of scattered radiation. Made of aluminum and carbon fiber, they're durable enough to withstand frequent use. However, if your cassettes exhibit an overabundance of wear, we provide repair services for all dental cassettes.

Our flexible panoramic film and imaging plate cassettes are the perfect accessory for use with our panoramic system. Fabricated of sturdy, heavy gauge vinyl for reliable use, this flexible cassette curves to any desired position. The cassette is easy to load and closes by two snaps on the side. One side is labeled “front” so you are always assured of placing the correct side to the x-ray source. The cassette can be used with either 5" x 12” or 6" x 12” film.

We also carry a full line of Rare Earth Green intensifying screens containing a high efficiency green emitting x-ray phosphor, gadolinium oxysulfide. These screens are intended for use with orthocromatic or green sensitive x-ray film.

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