Let me get this right…DISRUPTER and HACK are now GOOD?!?

As a teen of the 70’s I fully understand radicalistic, revisionism, and revolutionary thought. Did and Done. Thinking and acting outside conventional social ritual was needed to move societies direction toward peace and love. Or that is what was ministered. Anyway, we all survived changed a little bit with new direction and purpose. And again, now what once was considered resistive is now welcomed, once felonious now prescribed. I love change for good. Can’t please everyone every time, but majority rules and the remainder adjust.

There is one facet in your reading this that has not changed, RC Imaging dedication to RT process and Digital Radiology X-Ray supplies and accessories. Our unyielding promise to design and manufacture the DR Marketplace benchmark in Detector Protection, Bucky Grids, Weight Bearing Platforms and Covers will offer you secure, trusting results.


We do enjoy the challenging “one-off” upon occasion, something to keep our engineers on point and creative. Visit rcimaging.com and check out just a few of the solutions cobbled by Robert’s team. X-Ray durable accessories are now more essential than ever for fast, accurate diagnostics. More significant than shallow, tools that allow patient comfort while expediting Technologist process.’ Radiology x-ray supplies and equipment warranted for your peace of mind and patient comfort. Radiography innovation for your time.

If I correctly understand the hack reference is to apply a trick or shortcut to a method to increase speed to solution with ease. Well, folks, at RC Imaging manufacturing Best in Market Durable X-Ray Accessories DOES NOT include any magic lamp or wizardry. After 32 plus years if there was a faster throughput formula that would not sacrifice quality and cost, we would have it, and what we DO have has been awarded and rewarded in our chosen business marketplace as Your Radiology Resource. The disrupter noun is right up my alley personally. Being a provocateur of Total Customer Satisfaction, or raving fans as I prefer, I relish in transferring passion for quality, transparency, and team ethic. Think of RC Imaging as your firebrand for x-ray accessory innovation, the instigator for valued radiology supplies, your radiography protection advocate.

So, as is my mantra to keep on TRAC (transparent, relevant, authentic, current) I must now shift my parlance to be understood. Now, really. I am seasoned to odd glances and the occasional gulp, and adding any further fog into the conversation seems unproductive. I will continue with my bourgeois linguistics, and let our actions in RC Imaging speak for themselves.

Your Radiology Resource

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