RSNA 2021

RSNA 2021

SO...We traded soft, thick ply carpet for shoe leather; being suspect reactive to focused prospect proactive; Multi-partner Durable DR Accessory displays across multiple OEM partners and equipment across multiple exhibit geographies vs. 10"X20" stationary real estate. I must say I really prefer the multi-geography approach for a number of highly positive reasons, INCLUDING keeping my aerobic regimen at peak levels with un-Godly pedometer step levels.

This supposed "new-normal" is , in my eyes, merely a shift in strategy and approach. An artist and scholar Okakura Kakuz┼Ź once penned, "The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings." We at RC Imaging have found new opportunity and success embracing the process of communicating our value through a myriad of sources INCLUDING the face-to-face exchange. Preparation and pre-agreement on meeting protocols is now good manners and wise judgement. My meetings at McCormick Place were personal and knowledgeable, some formal but most chat sessions that lasted an hour with actionable points as takeaways. Future conversations and DR Durable Accessory solution quotes were closed on. I have to comment that our meetings were mostly a respite from the woe and gloom permeating some conversations we overheard. Every discussion, I mean EVERY ONE was positive and forward looking, maybe because I refuse to let negativity into my business discussions, or perhaps simply telepathy in understanding why we were really at the table.

Here are a few discussions quotes I can share from the highest level of DR OEM Executive Strategists and Officers.

"It amazes me STILL how you and I can carve through all the rhetoric and negativity and get to the core issues of business collaboration. First the important stuff then to the bundling initiative we spoke about. How was the fishing this year on the Lake (Ontario)?" CMO, International Imaging Components Manufacturer

"Man, your platform looks like it was designed as a mate to our suspended DR system. Durable and elegant, I have three in the pocket already. Thanks for shipping this for our exhibit, love it." President, USA International X-Ray Imaging Sales and Service

"How long has it been? You"re still the driven, persistent guy. Look, I need you to come to our new office when we relocate in a few months and test your Lock-N-Secure with a few grids, so we have a perfect match to the new panel design and software. They love your stuff from when you came a few years back, still talk about the LnS cover!" Sales Executive Manager North America, World Leader in Medical DR Detector Manufacture

Whether you require DR FPD protection, Weight Bearing Platforms for crane, mobile, straight arm or u-arm systems, RC Imaging will partner with you for promotion and distribution strategy.

We are the best. Just ask around.

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