Let me tell you, in present times the human condition has me taking notice of realities described by Hannah Arendt* in her book of the same name. Epic challenges demand choices, decisions, and actions through either planning or spontaneous reaction. They have collateral circumstances, some which may or may not be as great as the original challenge when kneejerk reactions are employed. This may be one of those. Three words: Mobile Patient Hoist. RC Imaging has zero association, whether financial or otherwise, with any manufacturer, distributor, or individual in the patient mobility marketplace.

Yeah? OK, now here it is. Having the healthcare x-ray accessory market distinction as the strongest flat panel protection for your dollar DOES NOT MEAN you have the passport to leverage the Lock-N-Secure® from under bariatric patients like THAT was what we designed and made it for. Nope. The Lock-N-Secure® encasement solution WAS designed to protect against incidental bumps and drops during the normal course of R.T. procedures, and it performs exceedingly well when used as intended. When used as a prybar to lift and extract, that is another matter best relied upon from a mobile patient lift or at best, training in safe patient handling in bariatric patient situations. I have even seen the pristine “inertia jerk” performed (ala tablecloth yank leaving settings at rest) performed with no patient discomfort expressed. A few seconds of assessment and extraction means the patient is comfortable and the procedure is completed on the first image.

During these hectic times occasionally, we are overwhelmed with x-ray diagnostic analysis and turnover. The grab-n-go technique, or any technique that cuts down on round completion time or schedule management seems O.K. Most times yes, sometimes maybe. The grab-n-go panel snatch is not a better way to cut time, the collateral damage may far exceed the time allotted in replacement, technology shift, waiting, and waiting…

So, next time you feel the time pressure, deep breath. We love you and want to see, hear, and communicate all things positive in these crazy times and environs.


*The Human Condition
Arendt, Hannah 1958
University of Chicago Press
ISBN-10 0226025985

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