Never Surrender!

Never Surrender!


"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground." Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

OK, it is time to address the dragon in the room. The human animal has been tested and stressed for millennia, if not from the obvious predatory cats, crocs, and birds of two million years ago then to the current Holocene epoch where scientific instruments are needed to identify the enemy. Spears and rocks have been replaced with vaccines and sanitizers. Notice I didn’t say may have, could have, or any irresolute adjective available. It is obvious. Those of moderate nature have evolved to adjust schedules, patterns, travel, and communications. Optimize technology to maximize time and focus. Business is business, normal is relative. The faster we adjust to change and discover clear routes to success which all participants agree, then the path is mapped for future enterprise. Narcissism is erosive. Let us avoid that.

I recently returned from AHRA in Nashville, TN. Those in attendance were avid participants as always, yet the discussions with which I engaged were not focused on the woe and fear of our industry but addressed remedy and renovation. Our symposium laid bare defects in sentiment, paths for countermeasure, actionable advances, and measurable consequence. In a word STRATEGY. As RC Imaging plans our product introductions and marketing, we understand the fluidity the environment demands from the onset. We have tested new designs, new introductions to durable accessories that drew attention from the industry. ESPECIALLY the competition. Before entry to the market, we tested two designs of which one design seemed to demand the time in testing from our competition and duly warranted. Their testing of our proposed prototype verified a material change already in progress.

Competition is good, long live free enterprise! You can measure your business success by YOY fluctuations or marketplace topography, or both. We prefer the aggregate, and it appears RC Imaging is manufacturing vendor of choice when speaking to digital radiography durable accessory buyers and users. Not my words, accolades from our esteemed market leaders, and we thank you for your business and trust.

The introduction of our MP2 Mobile Panel Positioner at AHRA was a great success. The prototype model enticed clear questions on process and function, capability range and value were answered and demonstrated for our audience. One advantage of slim attendance was an open path for impromptu road tests and stability! Give us a call for a personalized conversation on your expectations and plans.

Be safe.

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