In these crypto-times and digitally enhanced socio-ideals I find great humor in reading how the American parlance has morphed to stellar extremes. How one single word can express dozens of meanings and emotions simply by context.

Linguistic parenthetic imbroglio gives me cranial circumscription.

GOD I love this language.

ALAS! There lies sanctuary for the puritan ear in science phraseology. There are various translations to 1 Corinthians 14:9,
the most current might be Albert Einstein, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." And so, the matter at hand. Let us agree that being understood is a primary reason for discussion and empathic listening augments the dialog. Personally when I engage a Radiographic Technologist, or most any medical professional, our conversation is free of localized vernacular and focuses on the subject(s) agreed upon as important in the onset of our exchange. Why do you think you are asked if you are busy? OK, so let us speak of simple truth and transparency. Better yet let our OEM partners and International Dealer Network explain…

"ROI Maximizer. More protection, less effort for our panel protection on Konica Minolta portable and mobile systems."

"RC Imaging will always supply Patient & User-Friendly products which are pleasing to the eye but durable at a competitive price.

"I personally tested your new panel cover and found that it is better constructed and can withstand a much higher weight load than our current panel cover. It also looks better. The new cover will definitely provide better protection for our flat panels."

"Innovative, useful, customized-end user, cutting the edge solutions."

"I am aware that The Lock-N-Secure products were tested by a reputable independent company, and I can tell you the products truly showed an outstanding performance across several attributes in strength, panel integrity, and versatility. "

I confirm RC Imaging’s protection solution portfolio combined with most of DR products in the market."

Plain simple words. Powerful. Emotional. Appreciated. Truth.

RC Imaging makes a conscious commitment in clarity. If we are unsure of your needs, we ask. If you are unsure of ANYTHING regarding our solution portfolio form and function, we are ALWAYS available. Really. 24/7. You have our mobile numbers if you have ever contacted us.

RC Imaging prides itself in transparency, knowledge share, and action. We are more doers than theorists. And we truly appreciate our associations and discussions, so much that we REALLY appreciate the candor we share. Everyone knows the integrity of RC Imaging and I, personally, have never been asked to nor willingly betrayed a trust. Kiss and tell is not our style, as we respect those with whom we interact. Trust, a truly sacred asset.

Non-fungible, opposite of fungible. Source: A non-fungible therefore has the characteristics to this definition. Those elements are: Unique Irreplaceable Non-interchangeable (reineckesillytalk 101)

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