The Abject Adjective

The Abject Adjective


Consider the source, it is always subjective

It is getting harder and harder to translate passion through the written and spoken word these days. In my perpetual mission to convey RELEVANT, AUTHENTIC, TOPICAL, and CURRENT subjects of interest within the confines of direct radiology equipment, process, and general interest, every time I try and stress a subject with accent I find the adjective has been tainted. Somehow somewhere somebody has been dipping into the adjective pool and drained it of sincerity and relevance. As an example, if I were to express that a certain durable x-ray accessory that aids the technologist in acquiring a view while being a comfortable experience to the patient as “Durably Elegant”, I will soon find that that same descriptive adjective was applied to nine miles of concrete wall in a desert somewhere. Or, if I were to describe the lifetime warranty of a RC Imaging flagship solution with “Refined Endurance” then discover the phrase also can be related to the result of outlasting a nuclear stalemate. Maybe I should be less sensitive to the visible effluvium of our current culture, but I must tell you I am a creature of positivity and this is unsettling my mojo.

RC Imaging has been extremely diligent in our design, manufacture, and delivery of some of the best radiology accessory solutions on the planet. The forethought and research through your eyes have allowed us to serve you as you want, as we willingly deliver. There are new platform and detector mobile positioner solutions being introduced which a few of you have assisted us in testing, and we thank you. I could be spouting superlatives and adjectives all over this page, but the reality is,


Guillermo Sander, Director of Digital Radiology Innovation with Konica Minolta uses descriptors
like “ROI Maximizer”, and “More protection, less effort for our panel protection on Konica Minolta portable and mobile systems.”
Alan Windle, Purchasing & Consumables Administrator with MIS Healthcare, London UK
writes,” RC Imaging always supply Patient & User-Friendly products which are pleasing to the eye but durable at a competitive price.”
Ignacio García, Technical Purchaser at Sedecal, Madrid Spain would say, ”.. innovative, useful, customized-end user, cutting the edge solutions.” And Ignacio is a man of few words.

Add your caption to the Lock-N-Secure®, or the Complete View, or the new XARM platform today. We might even add your imprint to the RC Imaging brand in our upcoming video!

The Abject Adjective Is (your choice, your words)


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