Rochester Business Journal Technology and Manufacturing Award 2020 – Winner COVID Innovation

Rochester Business Journal Technology and Manufacturing Award 2020 – Winner COVID Innovation


As the pandemic struck in the spring, health care providers around the world realized they would need to change the way they perform many of their X-rays. Instead of bringing patients to X-ray facilities, they would need to take the X-ray technology to the patients

RC Imaging Inc. of Hilton, a global supplier of patented imaging accessories, services and radiography products, immediately accepted the challenge as a partner to many of the digital radiography manufacturers around their world.

It was all-hands-on-deck at RC Imaging as employees designed, manufactured, tested and delivered accessories that helped health care professionals to respond faster to emergencies. RC Imaging says its products always provide low-dose and comfortable solutions for patients.

To deliver products so quickly, RC Imaging bought a fourth computer numerical control (CNC) machine to help guide the busier production schedule, staffed a second shift, and worked closely with its material vendors to ensure the supply chain could help RC Imaging respond in days, not weeks.

Eric Bostley, president of RC Imaging and the son of founder Harry Bostley, said from March to May, RC Imaging produced and shipped
digital radiography equipment that was more than 120 percent over its
2019 volume

Bostley said he has always been proud of his employees’ ability to react quickly to changing market conditions. But their work during the pandemic was even more impressive

“They embraced the new safety procedures put in place to ensure a clean, healthy, and sustainable work environment,” he says. “We are a small company, and social distancing, wearing personal protective equipment, and our own disinfection procedures took some getting used to but soon became second nature considering the severity of the situation.”

—Brian Pappalardo

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