Rochester Business Journal Announces RC Imaging, Inc. as WINNER for 2020 Technology and Manufacturing Awards

Rochester Business Journal Announces  RC Imaging, Inc. as WINNER for 2020 Technology and Manufacturing Awards


To recognize excellence, promote innovation, and honor the organizations and individuals who lead the manufacturing industry in our area, the Rochester Business Journal is partnering with the Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association to present the Technology and Manufacturing Awards.

RC Imaging, Inc., with manufacturing and distribution headquarters in Hilton, NY was selected for its professional achievement and impact on Rochester, NY through Technology & Manufacturing in the COVID Innovation, Small Company category. Nominations from Western New York were received, and honorees were announced online at When asked to respond to this prestigious award, Mr. Bostley replied “Our entire team at RC Imaging is honored to be nominated for this award. I am extremely proud of how we came together during this pandemic to support our customers in their efforts to provide the best healthcare possible to diagnose and treat Covid-19 patients. From planning, adding additional resources, and working countless hours to meet deadlines all while embracing new safety protocols and social distancing was a complete team effort.”

Being on the forefront of delivering superior x-ray accessory solutions, RC Imaging is extremely humbled and proud to be recognized by our community. We strive to present our culture, focus, and brand exemplifying discipline by design in creating and manufacturing presenting our client partners finished product. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit our shores RC Imaging, a small company of 12 dedicated team players, was called upon to manufacture and ship essential digital radiography durable accessories across the country. Planning, preparation, material supplies, personnel, manufacture, assembly, logistics, and delivery were all accomplished in record time. Front line healthcare providers were now equipped with the most rugged, secure x-ray panel protection solutions available.

Thank you again to all our Western New York manufacturing kin, our national network of dealers and distributors, our global partners, and especially our Original Equipment Manufacturers who required the best from us and succeeded.

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