Resurgent [ ri-sur-juhnt ]

Resurgent [ ri-sur-juhnt ]


Adjective - rising or tending to rise again; reviving; renascent.

This word in the English language could presently modify or describe SO MANY nouns in our current global social and clinical environment. As a lifelong subscriber to EWO Positive Universe Society, it is my self-appointed mission to drive proactive action to positive results with consideration to all available data and input.

Therefore, let us march headlong into Resurgent Logic.

I have made a fair living from emotions. Sales is a craft where suspects are identified to prospects and prospects are emotionally engaged to customers/clients. People, as in me and you, buy emotionally and confirm our decision with logic. That is the human buying justification path and how we feel better about contributing to the capitalism economic model. Everyone must gain for this model to succeed, ergo VALUE. This is the key ingredient the logic part needs, but if emotion wants only one person to succeed the business contract fails. Please remember, this example is one-to-one where there is a message sender and a decision maker message receiver. The social collective example is far more complex due to the sheer volume of emotions that scream for attention, striving to be heard but NOT striving to get agreement, only encouragement and reinforcement. See where I am going with this?


There is a logical scientific purpose behind the pandemic rules of disengagement and clean health. RC Imaging is striving to accommodate every logical request in supplying durable Digital Radiology accessories around the world. Our products for DR detector Lock N Secure panel protection demand is soaring, our solutions for weight bearing radiography is right behind. In the July 7th, 2020 edition of Health Imaging News*, Matt O’Conner has an article titled “‘Time has come’ to utilize low-dose radiation in fight against COVID-19”. In his article Matt relates,” A small group of Danish and Swiss researchers made that assertion in a letter to the editor published July 3 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine**. They said low-dose radiation could shorten the course of the disease and cut the number of patients requiring intensive care by one-third, an obvious boon for overpacked care centers.” Again, let us look at the science behind the words. There is no monetary gain driving these words from the researchers, and when you read their letter to the editor, I hope you agree.



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