Where in my Farmer’s Almanac does it predict
“Worldwide Chaos with a possibility of regional mayhem”?

There are countless published articles and media pieces on our current global and regional foundering in a medical context as well as political and social conscious deficiencies.

This is not one.

What I want to convey is a message of industry and impact, a missive focused on the impact COVID-19 continues to have on the imaging industry and the shift to mobile DR imaging solutions vs. other modalities. I am not a PhD., nor radiology Registered Technologist. I am simply a guy out there digesting the complexity of our environment for the past many years, discussing radiography with those that do possess these credentials so I may become more aware and then regurgitate my opinions to you. Thanks for your time.

This pandemic has negatively impacted the entire imaging procedure volume, regardless of modality. And some greater than others. Portable mobile DR systems were recommended by the American College of Radiology (ACR) task force on COVID-19 on March 11, 2020. Findings of a new survey from market research firm IMV Medical Information Division says more than 90% of imaging centers in the U.S. experienced a major decline in the volume of procedures not related to COVID-19. What really scared me is the drastic drop in mammography procedures, approximately -70%. Mobile general x-ray units took the lightest hit @ about -7%. RC Imaging lives and succeeds in the DR Mobile X-ray space and is striving to keep pace with demand for durable accessories much needed by the care givers to deliver a fast, correct, and comfortable experience for their patients. Not enough can be said or transmitted by this dialog which expresses our gratitude and awe at these individuals. God speed and watchful eye on all who dedicate and sacrifice for the better good.

The increasing geriatric population and the subsequent growth in global disease incidence, favorable regulations and government initiatives and investments, the advantages of digital X-ray systems, and technological advancements and product development are driving the growth of the digital X-ray market, according to ReportsnReports.

Recent introduction of advanced, highly portable digital X-ray systems has resulted in an increased demand globally with demand for bedside imaging and diagnostics, home healthcare, and minimally invasive solutions rising across the globe. As hospital budgets remain constrained, hospital administrators prefer the workflow improvements brought by modern digital X-ray equipment. The high capital cost of MRI and CT scans work against further investment in those technologies.

The shift to mobile digital radiography is seismic. Mobile DR and Portable DR manufacturers have ramped production to a frenzied demand, due to many positive values. Being able to move the equipment to the subject regardless of subject physical location, more cost effective to a fixed radiography room, dedicated units at the ready in ICU decreasing contagion transfer, and VERY IMPORTANT, the ability to fully clean and decontaminate with minimal downtime.

RC Imaging believes in maximizing patient care by lowering the radiation dose and minimizing cost-of-ownership. By improving workflow, modern digital x-ray systems improve the quality of care delivery. RC Imaging is an industry leader in manufacturing DR durable accessories for the imaging providers across the globe. We understand the processes mastered by our users through constant contact and healthy discussions revolving around them, their challenges, and their patients.

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