Hello 2020!

2019 is ebbing into the yesteryear nexus, remembered by us here at RC Imaging as a time of record new business, innovation in x-ray accessory solutions, and market growth beyond projections through new relationships around the world.


Being on the forefront of patient care and technology security, we are fortunate to associate ourselves with same-minded professionals focused on holistic x-ray processes that aid the patient, radiologic technician, and facility administration achieve bottom-line results. Whether these results are aimed towards speed, accuracy, comfort, convenience, cost reduction…it is a partnership of service for the DR industry. We are humbled and proud to be considered best in industry in DR accessory manufacturing and distribution. 2019 was a stellar year.

We introduced several weight-bearing platform solutions, NDT armor encasements, PoweReady™ Lock-N-Secure® configurations (one of my faves), and several partner proprietary white label projects. All were enthusiastically designed, prototyped, tested, tweaked and tested again with the RC Imaging brand ever in mind, “Our mission is to provide unparalleled products and services that are cost effective and that consistently exceed our customer expectations. We strive to respond to their needs by using innovative solutions in radiology. Our goal to be your go-to radiology resource, and we believe that quality is everyone’s business — no exceptions.”

We want to thank all our partners, customers, and vendors for bearing witness and joining our quest in superior market growth and DR patient care. Our 29th year of serving the global radiology community will be another dominant continuance of relentless focus on quality and price. 2020 A.D. will thrust us into the spotlight as we prove to ourselves and you, we are worthy of your trust.



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