Being out of the gate first isn’t a guaranty of first place at the wire.

Roughly 33% of horse race wins are achieved by the favorite, but are those wins post to wire? Extremely rare. Only in far superior genetic specimens with far superior training, lesser opponents, and ideal race conditions.

When time to market strategy has a healthy research and development component, the out-of-the-gate introduction has a higher impact when science, testing, and positioning meet demand. Overcoming any opponent is far more likely regardless of who is first in the beginning in these race conditions. So…LET ME INTRODUCE THE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BEST IN INDUSTRY THOROUGHOBRED DR FLAT PANEL DETECTOR ENCASEMENT.

RC Imaging has painstakingly measured the flat panel detector marketplace, the x-ray equipment manufacturers offerings, the process techniques of the radiologic technician, and patient expectations for precision and comfort. When we introduced the Lock-N-Secure® panel protection it was a hard-fought battle overcoming the incumbent leader, although our backgrounds and early solutions and service are eerily very similar.

But the similarities ended.

If you haven’t seen or heard about the Independent Laboratory tests showing blinding proof of superior durability and latch security just access our website under Lock-N-Secure® downloads, or just write me. We’ll make it happen.
We have endeavored to stay true to the RC Imaging mission statement:

Our mission is to provide unparalleled products and services that are cost effective and that consistently exceed our customer expectations. We strive to respond to their needs by using innovative solutions in radiology. Our goal to be your go-to radiology resource, and we believe that quality is everyone’s business — no exceptions.

RC Imaging is blessed and delighted to serve our community and manufacture only the DR radiology durable accessory solutions you demand. We continue to drive for the highest quality products at a competitive price, because it is all about YOU.

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