Ever have an elephant bite you? Maybe a rhino stampede your house? Meteor smash your car? How about a blood thirsty mosquito tap you for dinner? HUH, YEAH, SEE it’s the small things that get you.

In our never ceasing quest to fine tune our methods and process we too often overlook the obvious masses of little things that can, and most probably will, impact the final goal. Finding the absolute is never easy. Perfect is, well, never quite what we envisioned and takes for-freakin-ever to accomplish. A wise and weathered entrepreneur once told me “You can’t boil the ocean”. “OK”, I said, “Sounds logical. Explain.” She detailed how the phrase is akin to pleasing everybody all the time, being the one right solution for everybody, one size fits all…It’ll never happen.

My rebuttal was framed around the mouse trap design, how simplicity and utility combined for the perfect solution. HAH, NOW I got her. This wise individual came back immediately with the sanitized disposable trap, but what struck home was the humane reusable trap the ASPCA and PETA are fond of. Vermin relocation.

I put away my ocean boiler.

Hospital, medical practice, and university Radiology Directors have far more important things to deal with in the course of their day, week, life, than ponder the day, week, and life of the Radiography Technician processes and technique. The Director is concerned with end-results, patient care, and budgets. Not necessarily in that order, and rightfully so. So who is concerned with the little things that impact the radiography process, end-result, and patient care and comfort? Is it the RT? Probably, but keeping the message and attention in front of you is why I delve into this exercise of communicating the purpose of RC Imaging (you knew that was coming). We pay very close attention to details. Not only the details of the work-a-day RT, but the details in our product design, form and function. How the solution is truly an asset to the user, and accepted by the patient, and a value throughout the life of the accessory.

Throughout the decades of my career I have found out the little things are far more important than I first thought. I also found out that they seem to be far more important to others than myself. We find out what is important to others through empathic active listening, verifying through paraphrase, and storing that knowledge. Every tidbit, every nuance, every little thing gets recorded. Because it is important.

The same could be said about building a comprehensive Digital Radiography capital equipment agenda. You wouldn’t neglect the lead apron protection, nor forget the positioning apparatus. Why not DR detector protection? You know, the “handles” your RT’s request.

And why not ensure your procuring the finest in the industry? Lock-N-Secure® detector protection gives your radiographers the handle they want, the protection your five figure investment requires, and the patient comfort needed to perform every diagnostic interpretation, that is custom fit to your flat panel detector.


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