There is no “participation trophy” in business

There is no “participation trophy” in business


“Desire, burning desire, is basic to achieving anything beyond the ordinary.” —Joseph B. Wirthlin

There has always been various philosophies on degrees of winning, a hierarchy of success to aspire so to measure next steps and grow from experiences lest we fall into Sisyphus’ hubristic fate. These milestones are attained and measured as part of a plan (I hope) to achieve a defined and reachable goal for sales, marketing, finance, R&D, product launch, distribution… know the list. In my mind, these objectives for success MUST be achieved in order for the holistic business to thrive and reach that final focused goal. Win.

Yes, I said it. WIN

RC Imaging goes through the painful systematic process of self-evaluation on a regular basis. Of course we have ISO guidelines and government templates to prod us in their direction, but innovation is something born within and quite frankly much more exciting and pleasing. A burning desire to make a difference for the betterment of those you come in contact, and those impacted by your decisions. Like the decisions for introducing new RC Imaging products to the radiography marketplace. It will never be a “Build it they will come” kind of marketplace. The RT and medical staff who handle our products on a daily professional basis are our sounding boards, our feedback for success.

Winning, it’s in our DNA here at RC Imaging. The winning trophy is cobbled from a combination of innovation, design, materials and manufacture, market entry, rollout and sales. In the end the trophy kinda looks like you our raving fans, our client base and future customers.

Robert, our engineer extraordinaire, always cringes when he sees me approach in hopes I would veer away, or perhaps not see him looking intently at something inane yet somehow interesting to him. But, alas, I corner the poor genius with feedback from discussions I enjoyed with RC Imaging’s dealer network, OEM partners, and a few chosen end-users. I express excitement in regaling to Robert product possibilities and possible market share and he intently listens before popping my bubble with stark reality. Teamwork, love it. The collaboration of internal forces and our trusted clients, customers, and prospects seems to be working for the betterment of all. We will be introducing a very exciting product in the next few weeks, an announcement I’m bursting to blab about but the boss man wants to test it more.

Aim twice shoot once. It’s been working for over 28 years, but I’m chomping at the bit!

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