To MEDICA then RSNA then…

To MEDICA then RSNA then…


Aktuell, Relevant, Notwendig
Strive to be Current, Relevant, Necessary

In my never-ending quest to conquer the world of radiology products and services, RC Imaging will be present at MEDICA and exhibiting at RSNA 2018. My focus is to LISTEN to your challenges in patient-centric delivery of x-ray diagnostic imaging. In the CR/DR industry I choose to play in, the changes in product configurations and technological advances has made this journey a truly educational experience, and I thank YOU for sharing.

I have spent the last month calling into manufacturers and major distributors of DR imaging capital equipment across the EMEA geographies. Let me say the issues, challenges, and market gain strategies do not notably alter due to 3716 miles of Atlantic Ocean. What DOES seem to shift is delivery of exam processes, due either to government intervention or technology advances/constraints. Being cognizent and empathetic to these shifts in patient experience requires an open mind and closed mouth. That is our mission, my passion. RC Imaging runs multiple CNC machines around the clock to keep you supplied with the best in industry accessories and products. You have guided us to OVER A DOZEN new product solutions that were specific to equipment makes and panel shapes, or market driven and out there in the universe for all to benefit.


RSNA NEWS!! RC Imaging will be showcasing our new display booth, and I gotta say it is really really nice. Check us out in the South Hall #4007. In our grand design to discover, understand and deliver solutions to the CR/DR medical imaging universe, RC Imaging will be showcasing new product solutions at RSNA 2018! Tell us your challenges and we’ll listen, evaluate, and engage.

Make it so.

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