The Polite, Professional, Persistant P.I.T.A.

The Polite, Professional, Persistant P.I.T.A.

…or the art of driven passion

You have all seen the graphics about contact statistics; How many calls to get agreement on next steps, or Sales Cycle by market/geography/season/technology/contact title…

Sit down. Here it is.


All the self promotion and boasting of your and your products attributes don’t mean a thing if your suspect-prospect-client-strategic partner has zero reason to listen to you. You need to listen and don’t assume your amazing one-of-a-kind product solves all ills. Ask the right questions, the open ended kind that garners information. And be authentic about it. Really listen to what is said and HOW it’s said. Pros call this active listening, I call it courtesy. In the medical imaging accessory and products business, it’s CRUCIAL due to the perceived commodity of the solutions.

Having been in the “persuasion” business as a chosen career all my long life, I agree with the successful sales gurus that push the notion of “zero failures”, i.e. every non-sale is a learning experience and should be debriefed, catagorized, and stored for future reference. Don’t dwell and contaminate the next opportunity, store it away and carry on. Reignite that passion fire. Contact, probe, acquaint, discover, uncover, offer solutions. Oversimplified, but pretty much it. Rinse and Repeat.

Now the P.I.T.A. part. If for some reason you were on a galactic trip with Groot and don’t know P.I.T.A., one hint is it’s not a sandwich choice nor a mis-spelled animal freedom advocacy group. The majority of my big wins (Over $5M TCV) took months to consummate AFTER the initial elevator pitch to the correct decision maker. Total contacts to sale……..Man it had to be dozens before the first face-to-face then another dozen in detail negotiation.

PERSISTANCE with PASSION. Some say I wore them down, I prefer to think they finally saw the light… our value. Solving problems, either real or perceived in future plans, is how you win.
And say it in plain english without the “that being said” and “end of the day” and “disruptive streamlining our synergistic focus” buzzwords. How about some plain power words like increase, or profit, or best, or how about just plain “Problem solved, let’s begin”.

I am by nature not a huge political animal, but this little snippet speaks volumes…


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