Who is your customer?

Who is your customer?


Sterile communications by texting, email, eMarketing, eCommerce. eGADS… Reach out, SPEAK to your customer. I know time is money and some of our customers prefer an electronic relationship. Noted.

As a human being that gets wrapped around the keyboard/keypad more than I could of dreamed, a little conversation is sometimes needed. Make it authentic, make it relevant and topical, and I’ll engage in a short tête-à-tête most any day and remember the discussion next time I come across your name or company. There have been volumes and tomes written about the customer service strategies and customer experience analysis and metrics to fill the Congressional Library (and a few of our electorates could use a read), and if they sold a dozen or more copies they are valid references for someone somewhere. I’m serious. As an advocate of measurable actions and voice of the customer, every customer interaction is an opportunity. With social media and interactive Internet every customer expects a relationship with your business, instant feedback rather than just touchpoints.

Now back to the subject, “Who is your customer?”

Answer…ask your internal salesperson. If your individual doesn’t know the buying decision maker you have bigger issues than any workshop, book, or consultants analysis can fix. AND your customer is NOT a PO#. My humble opinion.

I’ve heard our president say on numerous occasions, “I’ve got to get out there. I need some windshield time and talk one-on-one.” Even though the road-trip method of contact isn’t the most time/cost effective there is time for blue-tooth hands free calls and undisturbed strategy formation. The long-term result of focused transparent customer dialog is priceless not only in information gathering, but personal interactions that speak larger volumes through the relationship. Yeah, I said it..relationship. Where on this earth will you experience body language, touch, smiles, smells, maybe even a meal than a personal visit. At least a phone conversation if you want to use just one sense we were blessed with.

Those that know or heard me on your voicemail are aware I practice what I preach. Create a relationship with the needs of your customers in mind, the individual not the CX profile provided by some analytical data derived from wherever. Your customer may have customers themselves and things get deep sometimes so pay attention as to where your attention lies. What you have on the shelf ready to go is usually not what they need. Usually.

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