Top 5 Broken Bones Being X-Rayed

Hey all you radiologists, X-ray techs, and medical facility workers, do you realize that you view 7,900,000 fractured bones each year? Of those bones (according to your office’s stats), would you agree with this Top 5 List?

1.    Clavicle
Many sources claim that the clavicle (or collarbone) is the MOST commonly broken bone in the human body.

2.    Arm
Arm injuries seem to be a close second for adults. Similarly, 10% of all children’s fractures are in their forearm.

3.    Ankle
If any of your patients play sports, it's very likely that they've come to you about an ankle fracture at some point or another thanks to all the rolling and twisting required of athletes.

4.    Foot
Thankfully, the Chinese tradition of footbinding died out in the 20th century. Can you imagine what those feet would've looked like under xrays?

5.    Toe
Do patients ever ask you for a toe cast without realizing there's no such thing?

Have any of these bones shown up on your recent X-rays? Maybe you've seen more common fractures that didn't make the list. Either way, contact RC Imaging for your next supply of X-ray grids!