Why Bear the Wait? Order Your Weight Bearing Protector Today!

Weight bearing protectors are one of RC Imaging’s most popular products. They accommodate a wide variety of brands such as Carestream, Konica, Fuji, Agfa, and others. Those in the medical field can fully rely on our weight bearing protectors even in the case of frequent use.

X-ray technicians, especially those involved with podiatrics, use our weight bearing protectors when they need a patient to stand during the X-ray process. The detectors can cost up to $80,000, and since they contain glass inside they must be protected from potential damage. Veterinarians prefer our weight bearing protectors during equine checkups. Medical personnel involved with bariatrics use our protectors when they conduct X-rays of patients who must be in a horizontal position.

The weight bearing cassette protector comes in a range of sizes depending on the intended application. Ranging from 8x10in. to 17x17in., the most popular size is 14x17in.. The protector is compatible with Digital Panels, CR Cassettes, and traditional X-ray Cassettes. They can bear up to 800 pounds without stressing.

The panel is completely protected inside the weight bearing protector. The protector itself looks crisp and professional, includes a handle for easy portability, and supports incredible weight. We have never even received evidence of our weight bearing protectors breaking. Order yours today from RC Imaging!