Success Story of a Small Family Business

RC Imaging was first created by Harry Bostley, a former sales representative who worked for twenty-five years at Eastman Kodak Company. Recognizing the need for cassette repair and already possessing the necessary skills, Harry established a small family business in his basement. The market for cassette repair increased over time and Harry’s business grew to the extent that it eventually changed location to Hilton Veterinary Hospital, where Harry had access to X-ray equipment. In 2002, to accommodate the continually growing client list, he moved the location again to the current residence at 50 Old Hojack Lane, Hilton NY 14468.

When Eric Bostley, Harry’s son, took over the business, he soon realized the name of the business, Rochester Cassette Sales and Service, didn’t fully incorporate the variety of services that the business provided. Since the business had grown over the years, it met the needs of a much broader market than when it was first created. After debating possible alternatives, Eric changed the title to RC Imaging and RC Dental Imaging. Even after the title change, the prestigious reputation of the business maintained a growing number of loyal customers.

RC Imaging now incorporates name brands such as Fuji, Konica, Dupont, AGFA, and Kodak. It is committed to servicing customer demands and delivering on time. The same dedication that made RC Imaging a successful business from the start continues to serve customers unremittingly.