Grids Specifications Matter

Grid specs are essential to overall image quality. The Ratio, Lines per Inch (LPI), and Focal Distance have a direct impact on image quality.

The point of the x-ray grid is to provide the best, most accurate, and affordable image possible. Image quality is of the utmost importance. Without the most quality image possible, the image may have to be redone. That would increase the amount of radiation to a patient. It would also slow workflow, diagnosis and treatment. A poor image simply delays diagnosis and treatment.

Improper x-ray grids specifications and inaccurate images obtained, can cause errors. When it comes to diagnostics and image quality, there can be no room for error. Errors can lead to a misdiagnosis, which can be a huge liability for anyone involved in the treatment and diagnosis of a patient. Misdiagnosis can also prolong treatment of the real issue or condition, further compromising your practice’s reputation and ability to retain patient confidence.

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