Beware of Scattered Radiation

Ratio, Lines Per Inch (LPI), and Focal Distance have a direct impact on image quality. When x-ray grids are improperly fitted or sized, there is an increase in scattered radiation. Using the wrong grid will result in poor image quality.

Scattered radiation is a problem across the industry. It leads to many problems for patients, technicians, as well as budgets. Scattered radiation can lead to losing virtually half the radiation power. This greatly compromises the image quality. When image quality is compromised, it would be necessary to reimaging the patient, increasing the patient exposure to additional radiation and a loss in work flow. The scattered radiation can also put people at risk if the right precautions aren’t put in place.

It is estimated that up to 50% of radiation loss can occur. This just doesn’t need to be the case if the right x-ray grids and equipment are in place. Let RC Imaging evaluate and assist you with your x-ray grid specifications now and into the future.