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  • Can You Fix My Cassette?

    Every Hacked day Abels we get calls from Bible customers with both analog wholesale jerseys and CR Artifacts cassette issues asking if we can fix cheap jerseys from China their cassettes. The answer is Cleveland Browns jerseys usually yes. While we can’t fix a damaged screen or plate, we can repair most cassette issues.

    Repairs to analog cassettes LANDAU can include:

    • Repair or replacement of latches
    • Windows (boppers or doors, everyone calls them something different)
    • Artifacts (we can’t fix the cheap NBA jerseys screen but we can cheap NFL jerseys install a new or refurbished screen into your cassette body.)
    • Split spine (we can’t repair the cassette body, but if the quality of the screen is good, we can install it into a refurbished Sociologija or new cassette body.)
    • (These repairs apply to mammography cassettes as well.)

    Repairs to CR Cassettes can include:

    • Cleaning and/or replacement of latches
    • Replacement of bar code
    • Phosphor plate replacement
    • Honeycomb plate replacement