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Remanufactured Patient X-Ray ID Cameras

X-Ray ID Cameras

Rely on RC Imaging for remanufactured Kodak X-Omatic ID cameras that perform and look like new. These cameras are adjusted to original factory specifications, complete with thorough cleaning and replacement of all worn or damaged components. Each is repainted, provided with a new front decal, and carefully shipped with a 90-day warranty. Loaners are available upon request.

We also handle many other models of ID cameras, including:

  • Kodak Model 2 ID Camera
  • Kodak Model 4 ID Camera
  • Agfa Curix ID Camera
  • Okamoto ID Camera

Please contact us if you are interested in another manufacturer's ID camera.

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Patient X-Ray ID Camera Repair

Because accurate patient data is so vital, a malfunctioning ID camera or printer can lead to serious ramifications. At Rochester Cassette Sales & Service, repairs are done right the first time, whether you have a Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, or Okamoto ID camera.

Our specialists will expertly rebuild your camera, return it to manufacturer's specifications, and make it look and perform like new. Every repair includes a thorough cleaning, replacement of needed parts, repainting of the cover to match the latest style and a new front decal. Kodak cameras are updated with the latest digital top. A 90-day warranty on the repair is included.

Our equipment repair team is ready to assist you with any questions you might have regarding any of our services. You are welcome to contact us at your convenience. However, if you need to submit a repair order, we would be happy to provide you with a Equipment Repair Quotation.